Practice Areas

We are experienced advocates in all appellate forums in New York City, including the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit and the Appellate Division, First Department. A strong appellate practice is a necessary adjunct to a superior commercial litigation practice.
Arbitration & Mediation
New York City is a center for alternative dispute resolution, and our lawyers are experienced advocates in all arbitration and mediation forums. Both Mr. Wrobel and Mr. Markham are panel mediators for the Commercial Division of the New York County Supreme Court. Whether in arbitrations before FINRA, UNCITRAL, AAA, CDR and other forums, or in court-annexed or contractual mediation, our lawyers understand the substantial differences in procedure and proof, and the keys to obtaining the cost-effective and favorable resolution of your dispute.
Corporate Litigation
New York City is a business center for the world. Our lawyers’ abilities reflect the diversity and sophistication of the City. Our general commercial practice includes a full range of corporate, finance, and insurance matters, including class and derivative securities litigation, shareholder and corporate governance disputes, internal corporate investigations, shareholder appraisal proceedings, contract disputes, trademark and copyright disputes, and employment litigation.
Employment Law
Employment law is not as simple as it sounds, but involves a wide variety of contractual, statutory, and regulatory provisions. Our lawyers are experienced at negotiating employment and severance agreements and vindicating statutory and contractual rights of both employers and employees at administrative, state, and federal levels regarding a full panoply of employment law issues: restrictive covenants, discrimination, wrongful termination, and constructive discharge.
Fashion & Modeling

New York is one of the Fashion Capitals of the World, and after decades of our lawyers have significant expertise representing a broad array of clients in Fashion and Modeling.

In over three decades if practice, our partners have represented a broad array of clients in the New York Fashion Industry, including Designers, Manufacturers and Brand Managers. We have particular specialty as with Models’ attorneys, regularly representing Models in connection with their Agency Contracts.

In light of our years of experience as Advisors and Litigators, we are able to render practical advice and represent clients in a number of contexts, including Business Formation, Licensing, Distribution and Franchising, Intellectual Property, Internet and Social Media.

General Counsel
We serve as an outside general counsel to businesses that require advice on a host of issues, from formation to day-to-day affairs. We represent a wide range of companies, from small companies and start-ups to multi-national entities who need a trusted advisor in New York City.
Hotel & Hospitality

New York is one of the World’s greatest tourist destinations, and New York has a thriving Hotel and Hospitality Industry.

Over the years our lawyers have represented a broad array of clients in the New York’s ever-changing Hotel and Hospitality scene, from small Bars and Cafes to some of the largest Restaurants and Hotels in the City.

After years of cumulative experience, we are well-placed to offer practical help for clients facing the myriad concerns that can arise in the Acquisition and Operation of Hotels and Restaurants. Whether engaged for our General Counsel advise, or engaged in Commercial Litigation on behalf of our clients, we have handled issues regarding Franchisors, Investors, Customers, Employees and Vendors. We can also assist with compliance with State and Local Laws and Regulations that are unique to operations in New York.

Insurance Litigation

We understand insurance principles and procedures, and are experienced in all types of insurance disputes. It is a rare case which does not involve some insurance-related issue.

Real Estate

In New York, the business behind every other business is Real Estate. Over decades of experience representing and advising clients in Real Estate matters, our attorneys are thoroughly familiar with every manner of issue that can arise in the Acquisition, Development, Management, Leasing and Disposition of Real Property.

Our expertise is broad and not limited to one particular niche. Over the years we have represented Buyers and Sellers, Lenders and Borrowers, Owners and Contractors, Landlords and Tenants, Brokers and Investors.

We have specialized knowledge regarding Cooperative and Condominium ownership, having represented Boards and Owners alike. Our Litigators have extensive experience in New York Supreme Court and Landlord Tenant Court, dealing with issues specific to Real Estate, including Lis Pendens, Mechanic’s Liens, Yellowstone Injunctions, and Foreclosures.

Trial Practice
We can try your case if we cannot resolve it favorably before trial. Our lawyers are experienced trial and arbitration advocates who welcome the challenges of the courtroom, and regularly teach trial practice and procedure to other lawyers.