Real Estate

In New York, the business behind every other business is Real Estate. Over decades of experience representing and advising clients in Real Estate matters, our attorneys are thoroughly familiar with every manner of issue that can arise in the Acquisition, Development, Management, Leasing and Disposition of Real Property.

Our expertise is broad and not limited to one particular niche. Over the years we have represented Buyers and Sellers, Lenders and Borrowers, Owners and Contractors, Landlords and Tenants, Brokers and Investors.

We have specialized knowledge regarding Cooperative and Condominium ownership, having represented Boards and Owners alike. Our Litigators have extensive experience in New York Supreme Court and Landlord Tenant Court, dealing with issues specific to Real Estate, including Lis Pendens, Mechanic’s Liens, Yellowstone Injunctions, and Foreclosures.

New York isn’t like the rest of the country; it is like a nation itself…. – John Steinbeck