Hotel & Hospitality

New York is one of the World’s greatest tourist destinations, and New York has a thriving Hotel and Hospitality Industry.

Over the years our lawyers have represented a broad array of clients in the New York’s ever-changing Hotel and Hospitality scene, from small Bars and Cafes to some of the largest Restaurants and Hotels in the City.

After years of cumulative experience, we are well-placed to offer practical help for clients facing the myriad concerns that can arise in the Acquisition and Operation of Hotels and Restaurants. Whether engaged for our General Counsel advise, or engaged in Commercial Litigation on behalf of our clients, we have handled issues regarding Franchisors, Investors, Customers, Employees and Vendors. We can also assist with compliance with State and Local Laws and Regulations that are unique to operations in New York.

New York isn’t like the rest of the country; it is like a nation itself…. – John Steinbeck